Friday, May 8, 2009


Hello and welcome, take a seat. Coffee? Tea? I'm your waiter today and would you like to hear about our specials today? Yes? Great! In the corner we have John, he's 45 years old and drools a lot. Is good with animals and is a spast. At the bar we have Cindy, she's 32 and crippled. She loves the jonas borthe... If you are still reading this you must be very literate or have the attention span of a cop staking out an old folks home.
A blogger blog, it's one of those things you never thought of doing but eventually end up doing. Like getting a blow job from a homeless guy on the parking lot... wait, that never happened. Anyway, this is the continuation of my blog over at, it was time to leave that piece of shit behind and start a blog here. For some reason I feel the need to fill this blog with rude and inane things. It wakes up the 15 year old in me that wants to rebel against everything. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what will come of this.
To finish this rant off I would like to add that I and the folks at Triumph Studios are working our ass off to finish Overlord 2! (aparently mentioning Overlord2 to my blog generates a shitload of hits!)

Catch you on the flipside!